The beau & Belle: Back on Track



After some important life events, we are getting back on track with recording our album. We already have the whole album in demos which definitely captures our essence. Now, we can just emerse ourselves in the recording process and let the magic happen. Since we really know what we’re…

The beau & Belle: Music Video : )

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“I do not know much about writing rap lyrics, but I’m guessing that most rappers do not meet with physicists and cosmologists from MIT and Cornell before sitting down to write. But that’s exactly what Wu-Tang Clan founding member GZA did during the creation of his new album, Dark Matter — a project the rapper hopes will turn his audience on to science.”

"I Will Luv You" by Summer Twins

"To Your Love"

"When I Come Around"

Getting pumped up, ready to party down!

I Wanna Be Adored

After I heard this song for the first time, I knew I wanted to play/write music.  This is an awesome clip, give it a listen!

Cover by Superchunk

John Cale “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”